Candles and Crafts from a crafty girl

I've been crafty since I was a kid. When I was young, I made clothes for my barbies and turned whole rooms into jungles. As I grew older I began sewing and making things like purses and wallets. Learning to crochet came next and friends and family started getting scarves and other crocheted goodies for Christmas and birthdays. A couple of years ago I wanted to do something new for Christmas presents, and I had the idea to make candles. I enjoyed it so much that I wondered what more I could do with it, and thus, Luna Lucerna was born.

I've always enjoyed candles but have always been one of those people who is afraid to actually BURN candles except for on special occasions, mostly for fear of having to replace them, or not being able to get the same one again. Now I have a consistent supply that I burn all the time, and I am able to supply others with nice, AFFORDABLE candles that are irresistible to burn!

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